Hair transplantation service for women

Hairstyles are one of the most important things for women. With strong and healthy hair, any hairstyle can be achieved, building confidence and personality greatly. However, not every woman has the right hair. Some people have hair loss problems due to various causes, a pinched head, a wide forehead, or hair that is cleft from scars. These problems may not be treated with medication, hair follicle stimulation or maintenance with regular treatments. Grow and Glow Hair Transplant Clinic provides a  hair transplant service for women by doctors certified by world-class institutions to help take care of and solve hair problems for women as well.

What are hair problems that are suitable for woman hair transplant?

Hair transplant for women is often used to solve the problem of a pinched head and a wide forehead , or women who want to grow hair in the front to increase the hairline or adjust the facial shape. Hair can also be grown to cover scars as well. Forehead hairline transplantation, in addition to creating a desirable face frame, it also helps soften the look of the face. Therefore, it is suitable for women who want to adjust their personality to look noticeably softer.

How is hair transplantation for women different from hair transplantation for men?

Hair transplantation for women has the same treatment as men’s hair transplantation. The doctor will perform surgery to transfer the hair root cells from one area to another. However, female hair transplantation may have different therapeutic goals. Most of them are mainly done for beauty, not to treat hair loss and thinning hair when compared to men. This is because women are less affected by the hormone Dihydrotestosterone, known as “DHT”, which is a main problem for thinning hair and baldness in men. While hair transplantation for men is mainly done to solve the problem of hair loss, thinning hair and baldness from genes.

How much does a hair transplant for women cost?

The price of forehead hair transplant depends on the number of grafts used, and the hair transplantation technique chosen as well. The number of grafts used may be around 1,000-2,500 for hair transplantation. The results obtained from the forehead hair transplant will remain in a beautiful shape permanently. Therefore, many women decide to grow their forehead hairline because the results are definitely worth the expense.

Pros of hair transplant for women

Hair transplantation for women is a permanent treatment. Women who have a pinching head, a wide forehead, or a scar on the head might lose their confidence or cause them anxiety. You can consult with a hair transplant specialist to find the right solution. The doctor will help assess the number of grafts required, and design the hairline that is suitable for the patient, including suggestions on changing behavior to solve the problem of wide forehead, reducing the risk factors that will make your forehead wider by yourself along with treatment. And you will definitely see better results.

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