Hair loss and thinning hair treatment

Having strong and healthy hair will allow us to choose a hairstyle that suits us. In addition to helping to build confidence from within, it also helps to develop the external personality as well. However, there are many people who have hair loss problems. Although it does not directly affect health, it can have a big impact on your mental health and social interactions, losing confidence and not daring to do the desired hairstyle. Some people may feel so worried that they have to wear a hat to cover their head all the time. This will cause stress, resulting the long-term negative effects on health. Therefore, when there is a problem with hair loss and thinning hair, patients should consult a specialist doctor or a hair loss treatment clinic to detect the cause and receive treatment for thinning hair early. It should not be avoided for too long until it’s difficult to treat.

Thinning hair treatment service from Grow & Glow Clinic

The problem of hair loss and thinning hair can occur from many reasons such as stress, lack of nutrients, side effects from taking certain medications, allergies to chemicals, genes, or various abnormal diseases which can occur in both men and women. At Grow & Glow Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer hair care services provided by doctors certified by world-class institutions to service and solve thinning hair problems for everyone, regardless of the cause and its severity.  There are various treatment methods such as Meso Hair Grow, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Hair Root Activated Light Therapy (LLLT), as well as medicine therapy.

Thinning hair treatment with PRP injection

Hair thinning treatment by injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the method of taking the patient’s blood using a centrifuge to leave only the platelets that are concentrated and complete. The concentrated plasma is rich in growth factors that help repair and stimulate cell growth. Then, the plasma is injected in the treatment area of patients with hair loss problems, thinning hair, and for treatment after hair transplantation.

Benefits of hair thinning treatment with PRP

Treatment of thinning hair with PRP injection uses approximately 1,000,000 units of platelets per microliter. The benefits are as follows:

Highlights of hair thinning treatment with PRP at Grow & Glow Clinic

Highlights of thinning hair treatment with PRP injections at Grow & Glow Clinic are:

Hair thinning treatment with Hair Loss Control Injection

Hair Loss Control injection is another treatment method of the hair loss treatment. It is a treatment with concentrated vitamins or drugs that helps to treat hair loss by injecting it directly into the scalp. This treatment doesn’t have side effects and recuperation is not necessary, while results can be seen quickly, and can reduce the severity of hair loss immediately within 1 week. It is suitable for people with mild hair loss or those who encounter sudden hair loss, such as postpartum women, after-surgery hair loss or any illness.

Benefits of Hair Loss Control Injection

Hair Loss Control or Meso Hair Grow injections have the following benefits:

Thinning hair treatment with hair follicle stimulating with LLLT

Thinning hair treatment with hair follicle stimulating with LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a method of using a low-frequency red laser light irradiation about 650 – 680 nanometres at the scalp to encourage better blood flow to the scalp. It helps to strengthen hair roots and grow more hair. The duration is about 30 minutes per time.

Benefits of LLLT hair follicle stimulating

Hair follicle stimulating light therapy (LLLT) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand and the United States of America (US FDA). The benefits of LLLT hair follicle stimulating light therapy are as follows:

Where is the best hair loss clinic?

Each hair loss treatment clinic has very different treatment methods. However, what you need to consider the most when choosing a clinic is specific expertise with enough experience. Experienced doctors have techniques that can be used to treat all hair problems most effectively, as well as the credibility of the clinic. The clinic should be fully equipped with modern tools that meet international standards to make you feel confident and safe in every treatment.

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